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Walks take place at 20:00 on the first Sunday of each month.
Please meet on Durham Market Place under the horse statue between 19:45 and 20:00

This is a copy of a letter written by a group of debtors in Jimmy Allens to King George III

To see a larger version click the photograph


Below is a transcript of the original letter

To the Kings most Excellent Majesty

Most Gracious Sovereign

We your Majesty's Subjects do humbly presume to beg your Royal assistance.
The Humble Petition of the Debtors Confined in your Majesty's Jail in the County of Durham.
That we your Majesty's Petitioners beg leave to lay our Mancholly  and Deplorable Situation before your Majesty; in hopes of your Majesty granting us Relief; from our present Distresses, we are Labouring under the Complicated Miseries of poverty and Dragging on a Miserable Existence, lost to Society our Families and ourselves from our Situations, being unable to Contribute to our Support we are left with hapless Families, Dependant on precarious Charity. Most Benevolent Sovereign [sic] to preserve us from Perishing under the last Extent of Human Misery: We humbly beg your Majesty will take our Lamentable Circumstances into your Gracious Consideration and be pleased to give your Royal Assent to the Bill for the Releasement of the Poor Unfortunate Insolvent Debtors and your Petitioners in
Duty bound will ever pray for your Majesty's Long Life and Prosperity

John MacAllen
Dorothy Chirmaide
Henry Wilson
Charles Gill
Elizabeth Teasdale
Jon Nelson
John Goundry
Jon Heron
John Welch
John Hoggett
Wm Spedding
Whitfield Hall

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