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Ghost Hunting Equipment

Our Equipment 

Our equipment specialist is Malcolm Moreland, probably one of the most experienced paranormal investigators in the North East. A lot of his equipment can only be used in a static indoor situation, but during our mini-investigations you will get to use K2 metewrs, EMF meters Ovilus, mini REM pods and all the other things you are likely to see on the TV programmes like Ghost Adventures. 


K2 Meter

This is the easiest one to use, and the one most often seen on TV. 

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A bit like an electronic Ouija board, it allows spirits to ‘talk’ to people. 


EMF meter

This gives you the strength of the electronic signal as a number



L rods

Often used to look for ground energy that might be causing poltergeist activity

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EMF Meter

Used to measure how strong the paranormal contact is. 


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Lights flash when a paranormal contact is made.