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Horrid Histories


Jimmy Allens

This pub has one of the strangest histories of any in Britain. Today it is a favourite venue for the young people of Durham looking for a good time. Two hundred years it was hell on earth…


Dun Cow

This pub is more than likely the oldest in City of Durham. Dun Cow was the scene of a nationally famous incident back in August 1883  that is now all but forgotten in the city….


Finchale Priory

According to “A Ghost Carnival” by Aidan Chambers, this bridge / Entrance Box are subject to a time-slip case. The bridge turns to a wooden structure and the paybox turns to a cottage.


The Durham Martyrs

The time of the Tudor kings and queens was a difficult time for religious people. Henry VIII  broke away from the Catholic church and started what is now called the Protestant Church, or Church of England. Part of this involved taking away the wealth and closing down Finchale Priory which fell into ruins.


St. Mary-le-Bow's church

With a little imagination it can be argued that a bearded  figure is visible in the stone below the main entrance to St. Mary-le-Bow’s church (North Bailey of Durham City). Can you see it? It’s thought that the figure resembles a former church musician who played at the church between 1780-1850.