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Tours and Walks

Choose From a Range of Tours and Walks 

Unlike the York  & Edinburgh tours we do not employ actors to dress up in costumes to jump out and scare you., the paranormal experiences are real and you can get to use state-of-the-art ghost hunting equipment.  If you book ahead we can accommodate tourists with a wide range of abilities and meal bookings can also be arranged in advance if necessary. 

Ghost Hunter

A sort of mini-investigation outdoors. Use ghost hunting gear and test your own psychic powers (most people have them) around the areas of Durham City where we know that there is current or recent paranormal activity.

A Horrid History of Durham

Perfect holiday time filler for your own ‘little monsters’. Family entertainment for youngsters and parents with all the history your teacher dare not tell. Learn and laugh.

Adult Durham

Bawdy stories for broad minded adults only. Lots of S-E-X. Find out about what went on during a pre-Christian fertility orgy, prostitution in Victorian Durham and lots of stuff we cannot mention here.

Gilesgate & the Silver Link Bridge

Dark and scary, it starts at a traditional Geordie pub and across an area believed to be the most haunted in the whole of Durham, near the notorious Vane Tempest Hall and the Holy Well of St Giles so there is a very good chance of experiencing real paranormal activity here. Not suitable for people with walking difficulties unfortunately.

Pubs and Prisons - Over 18's Only

Even if you do not believe in ghosts you will enjoy this.  Durham’s oldest pubs have a fantastic history. One used to be a dungeon, described as “among the worst cells in England.” Another was used by Durham hangmen who held bizarre parties before and after executions where they sold souvenirs of their gruesome trade: one was the centre of the body snatching trade, another had links to child prostitution. Take a drink in each one – hear the story