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The Ghost of the Sherburn "Dip" 

 This is part of our interests because it is widely believed that a lot of the things that people believe to be caused by ghosts may actually be caused by extra-terrestrials. However for a really serious study of UFO’s and ET’s we cannot compete with Richard D Hall of .

Richard does not believe in ghosts but this man, based in Consett produces professional quality TV about UFO’s and other cover-ups on a shoestring. Not-to-be-missed viewing on Sky TV’s channel 200, 201 and 202. It is very important that you log onto his website and watch his programme on animal mutilations called “Silent Killers.” Members of our group have witnessed the results of these horrific attacks on farm animals, wrongly described by the newspapers as the work of large predators like big cats or black panthers and it is probably the scariest phenomena we come across.

The Americans would like us to believe the whole Flying Saucer thing started in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. Not so. Watch Richard’s “The Gateshead Grey,” a widely corroborated story about a flying saucer that landed in the Saltwell area of Gateshead (close to where the Angel of the North is now) and abducted children for medical experiments in 1940. Members of our group disagree with a few of the details of Richard’s version but this is definitely a must-see.

The type of UFO that our group has most experience of is the orb. Large orbs outdoors are usually attributed to aliens & UFO’s, but most ghost hunting groups have photos and videos of smaller orbs which may or may not be UFO /alien.

A lot of orbs on photographs are due to dust or other optical anomalies (ie. internal reflections in the camera lens system) particularly SLR cameras).
See example below.